Ai Photo booth rentals

With Ai we can literally do anything. It’s just about programing and the right equipment to turn your dream set into a reality. Imagine  getting your guests to engage in your brand and putting them as the face of it, in the coolest of ways in an instant. When guests use our AI Photobooth, they can instantly be transformed into a Prada style billboard or perfume model styles or more, but with your brands elements. AI photobooths are also amazing for Party’s, weddings, and is the new thing for 2024 events.  

Give your guests something they have yet to experience.

We use studio photography gear. We set up start screens branded to your event, with easy prompts, so that guests have an easy user feel.

The software will ask them to choose the scene of their dreams, or custom choices that we create. There is the 3,2,1, countdown and it takes the picture, then sends it to the cloud to work its preprogramed magic.  Guests put in their number, or are asked to fill out a questionnaire, for events like expos. They then see their photo on the screen as well as receive a text of their branded magical photo.

Harness the power of social media by incorporating AI Photobooths into your corporate events. Enable instant sharing of branded photos on various platforms, creating a buzz around your company and event. Increase your online visibility and engagement with a fun and interactive approach to capturing and sharing moments.

Team Building with AI Photobooths

We all know team building is not easy.

Nothing makes an Expo or trade show easier than bringing the party live on party at your booth.  Having a Photobooth or better yet a Branded AI Photobooth at your booth, will keep your employees with enough shmooze material to stay the full 3 days plus. 

With our AI kiosk setups, we bring flair to your events in a visual aspect, but as well some new age tech, that’s digital, print ready, providing your guests the ultimate keepsake to be remembered.

Offer your corporate clients and event attendees an unparalleled creative experience with our AI Photobooths. Featuring a variety of AI-enhanced options, your guests can unleash their creativity while promoting your brand. Create a dynamic and engaging atmosphere that fosters connection and excitement.


Photobooths, but beyond!

There are many aspects that are simular to regular photobooths, there are options for Gifs, an array of print options, social media sharing straight from the booth, campaign management and analytics. My favorite is the micro site, where we create a branded website that’s fully immersive and dynamic for this particular event specific. 

There we can have calls to actions such as hashtag campaigns promoting shares making it perfect for event planners, retail pop-ups, product launch events, Corporate Photo Marketing Solutions, Employee Engagement Events, Concert, Global Virtual events, Conference Photo Activation and more.

Understand the impact of your event, track social media reach, and measure the success of your brand activation. Utilize data-driven strategies for future events, ensuring continuous improvement and maximum return on investment.

For Expos and trade shows.

With just 2 weeks notice, we can fully brand the booth, order backdrops, make customized props, and even have our lovely attendant jump on and do sales for corporate expos. We do have the option to ship fully setup kiosks globally as well, leaving all options out there.  With AI all possibilities are in the air and open. So if you dont see something you like, just ask. Let’s get connected to discussing planning your next Event.



For Party's, weddings and more

Transform your wedding, sweet 16, bar or bat mitzvah celebrations into unforgettable experiences with our cutting-edge AI Photobooth! Our interactive photo booth brings a unique and entertaining twist to any occasion, capturing the joy and excitement of the moment in a fun and memorable way. With a variety of customizable themes and backgrounds, guests can immerse themselves in creative and whimsical settings, making each snapshot a cherished keepsake. So planners, parents, brides and celebrants let chat to work the magic, and instantly take your guests to the moon, as superhero’s as with logo in every corner. 


Parents and guests can share the moments instantly on social media, creating a buzz around your event. Elevate the celebration with our AI Photobooth, where technology meets celebration, leaving everyone with cherished memories to last a lifetime!