Professional PR

Get a personalized photo album sent straight to your phone that’s filled with professional photography as you enjoy your event. Our PR photography means you get professional-grade photographs in a private photo album that’s only for your eyes – until you decide to share it with the world. Learn more about our roaming photography service and wow your guests!

Capture the Moment: Instantly Share Your Photobooth Memories!"

Roaming Photographers

No need to flag down a photographer or pose awkwardly and hope for the best on the first try. Our professional roaming photographers walk around the event and capture you as you naturally enjoy yourself. But when you’re ready for your close-up, they’ll be there to take high-end photos, too.

Facial Recognition

When you hire our photographers, they use facial. recognition software that gives them the power to focus on taking high-end photographs without needing to worry about getting them to you right away.

By providing your phone number after a photograph is taken, you will automatically be sent any event photo that you appear in to your personal album! You’ll be notified every time a new photo appears, so you can see these glam photos in real-time. It’s roaming event photography at its finest!

Capture the Moment: Instantly Share Your Photobooth Memories!"
Capture the Moment: Instantly Share Your Photobooth Memories!"

Instant Print

Don’t want to wait for the digital version? No problem!
Our PR photographers are equipped with the ability to instantly print out your gorgeous photos so that you can have a physical memento from your event.

This is great if you don’t want to sort through your album and find the best one; you can get it right then and there.

Upgraded Printing Options

Prefer something more unique than a printed photograph? We can also print any of your photos on magnets, metal, or other materials.

Take your special event to a whole new level by having your favourite photos printed on a long-lasting keepsake.

Showcase Your Best Photos

Allow our admins to pick out the best photos of the night and show them on your venue screens to really hype people up!

When they see these beautiful, professional photos of others enjoying the event, they will be sure to have an even better time and get some pictures taken, too!

Guests will be extremely pleased knowing that you’ve taken your event photography to the next level by hiring professionals.

SOme of our clients!