Open Air Photo

Give your guests the experience of a lifetime with a one-of-a-kind Open Air Photo Booth from Big Day Events. When it comes to life’s biggest moments, you want to make sure you have the photos to remember them.
Photo booths are a great solution, offering guests a way to enjoy themselves at an event and create mementos of it that they can cherish forever.

Create an Event Experience Like No Other With An Open Air Photo Booth

Every big gathering – from your basic corporate event to wedding and engagement party – benefits from a little something extra. An Open Air Photo Booth rental will bring your guests together as they laugh and smile with customized props, fun backdrops, and memories that last a lifetime.

Our solutions are perfect for events and special occasions that deserve more than the conventional photographer or photo booth rental experience.

The All-Inclusive Photo Booth Package You Need

Events are all about having fun – no one wants to spend the day coordinating with photo booth rental services or, even worse, second guessing their decision to rent a photo booth in the first place.

At Big Day Events, we’re all about giving you everything you want – and nothing you don’t. Our Open Air Photo Booth rentals deliver a true celebrity experience with everything from  customized props & branded guestbooks. We fine tune added touches of detail to bring your event to the next level.

A 21st Century Photo Booth for 21st Century Events

Photo booths have been around for quite some time, yet for whatever reason, stopped evolving decades ago. Most conventional photo booth rentals you’ll find today offer the same snap-and-print process with no appreciation for what modern technology can do to enhance things further.

Our digital-first Open Air Photo Booths bring the classic experience into the modern age with features like:

  • Boomerangs.
  • Live photo albums to custom micro site.
  • Choices of templates during a session.
  • Studio lighting.
  • Magnetic printing options.
  • Instant sharing capabilities.
  • Branded picture Guestbook stations and more. 

We offer everything needed to have the magic unfold on your special day.